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Sexy Lace

14 Feb

This was my first time painting lace on nails! I love going out of my comfort zone with art and trying new things. This set took awhile, but I love them. I would love to try many different kinds of lace, I am excited to do my next set!



Opposites Attract!

10 Feb

These two sets of nails are very Valentinesy! Red tips with white hearts, and the other white tips with red hearts! There are many times where my clients see a set of nails and want the same ones so I try to change it up a bit! Perfect example 🙂



Anchor here to see some sweet nail art!

9 Feb

One of my client’s sister came in today and wanted these anchor nails! It was a lot of fun to paint. She plays guitar so she needs her nails short, so we painted her natural nails. It was her first time getting art done by me and I think she is going to book again! I love all the unique ideas all my clients come up with. Everyday is something new ❤

Anchor Nails

Monarch Butterfly

7 Feb

The beautiful wing of a monarch butterfly inspired me for this nail art. Butterflies are so pretty and peaceful, it would be beautiful in any color!

Monarch Butterfly


7 Feb

I love painting bows! One of my favorite art to paint on nails. It has become more and more popular lately. There are many different types of bows to paint, here are a few pictures!

Pink Bows

Green Bows

Silver Bows


Leopard, yet again!

6 Feb

YUP! Leopard again! I’ll never get sick of it! 🙂 Loving the long tips, so much more room for art!


Wiiiild Love

5 Feb

A little bit of Valentines mixed in with some wild leopard print! I just did this set today and it was a lot of fun! The art is overtop of a set of gel nails with clear tips.

Wild Love

Some people like just getting clear tips instead of a colored tip, so they can just polish them or leave them natural looking. A lot of nurses get these nails for a clean natural look. The art can be changed whenever you feel and you can even change the polish over top of them at anytime on your own. This gives the illusion of your natural nails.

Clear Tips