Archive | March, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

30 Mar

My first set of Easter nails ever! Cute little bunny peeking over the tip and colored eggs in the grass waiting to be found! Very fun to paint the bunny!


Black and White and not Zebra say whaaaat?

23 Mar

Usually when I hear black and white nails my mind goes right to animal print! ZEBRA! Not this time, today I did these nails for a client who’s birthday is the same day as mine! March 24th. She got her nails done to match her outfit for tomorrow.

Black tips with white dots and to add a little fun I made the ring fingers white with little black bows. Love it!



23 Mar

I love this picture! My mom came up with this quote: “I bet you can’t WEIGHT to get your nails done!” haha Clever mom, clever!

This picture makes me feel empowered. You are beautiful no matter what anyone says. Find your inner strength and truly believe that you are beautiful inside and out.



23 Mar

These are my Hedley inspired nails! It is my birthday tomorrow and I am going to their concert at Rogers Arena in Vancouver with my mom. She bought me the tickets. ❤ I am sooooo excited so I painted a little art that has to do with their new album "Storms." I painted an anchor with the letters H for Hedley and S for Storms. Can't wait to go!!



22 Mar

Zebra print and pink tips! The added jewels on the ring finger add a little pretty touch to them. As you all know I love animal print so this one was fun for me to do. It was a little challenging to get the zebra print on such a tiny area, but it turned out!



19 Mar

Pokemon inspired nails! One of friends/client wanted Pokemon nails and I was up for the challenge! It was a lot of fun and nerdy too 😉

I love to incorporate the things people love and put it on their nails, I am always up for a very unique set of nails and can’t wait to see what she wants in the next couple weeks!



Pastel Nails

19 Mar

I love this set! I did different angles of the colored tips to add some funk to it. We chose pastel colors for Spring! On the ring fingers I painted leopard print spots. What a suprise! Haha This would also be nice for Easter!