Archive | May, 2012

Girly Skulls!

29 May

Loving these hot pink tips with skulls and crossbones! Cute pink bows on the skulls head! ❤


Jazz hands!

23 May

My client is going to a jazz night this weekend and wanted her nails to match her beautiful blue dress! So I came up with blue tips and for art a few music notes, a treble and bass clef. So much fun! I’ve been wanting to do music note nails for a long time and this was the perfect occasion!



22 May

Don’t really have an explanation on this one! We thought it was awesome, so I did it! Haha


Playboy Bunnies

18 May

En Vogue Playboy bunnies!


Summertime, and the livin’s easy

17 May

Summer time nails! Blue with yellow polka dots and silhouette palm trees! So much fun! She wanted summer nails so this is what we came up with together!


Konad Splatter Stamps

16 May

My first time using Konad stamps. I like doing my own hand painted art, but my client saw the splatter stamp and wanted to try them. I love the look of the paint splatter it is really cool! I might just use it again! Very fun and easy to use!


Flip Flop Ready!

12 May

Gettin my toes all ready for flip flops! The nice weather is kickin’ in! Hot pink toes are my fav, especially with a little leopard!

Pedicure season is here!
$30 for a Bali Mango Pedicure at Defiance!


En Vogue

9 May

My first set of En Vogue nails! Awesome product I was recommended to try from a client! I am now in love with it! It is non-toxic, odor free, non yellowing, non-porous, and flexible to the shape of your natural nail. It files so smoothly into the perfect shape! I now carry it at my shop, Defiance Body Studio in Maple Ridge. YAYYY!! Love it!!


Nude, Gold, and Black

8 May

These are some funky nails. Nude nails with sparkly gold middle fingers and black ring fingers with a bow made out of jewels! I love jeweled bows they are super cute!


Time to Plan Your Holiday!

6 May

Hand painted palm trees for my client who is going on holiday this weekend! She loves palm trees and if she were to get a tattoo it would be of one of these! She is settling for it on her nails, not so permanent! Haha Makes me want to go on a holiday!!!