Archive | July, 2012

Lavender and Turqoise!

30 Jul

Half turqoise, half lavender with a line of silver sparkles. Soft colors for a summery look!


Mexico Nails!

29 Jul

Nails I did on my mom for our Mexico trip! Bright colors and palm trees!


Here’s mine!


My Nails!!

11 Jul

Did my nails finally for summertime!!! Love having nails again!


Anchor Toes

9 Jul

Very summery!


Studded Nails

9 Jul

First time putting studs on nails! So cool looking! I sense a new trend coming! Also, a silver nail piercing on the index finger!


Ocean Treasures

6 Jul

Turquoise nails and a gold line! Reminds me of finding treasures under the sea. I don’t know, just trying to find a creative title! Haha


Ultimate Summer Nails

6 Jul

My favorite nails ever!! It was so much fun to do! It was for my clients who is going to Mexico in a few days! SOOO FUN!