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Love Love Love I Want Your Love

12 Jun



Opposites Attract!

10 Feb

These two sets of nails are very Valentinesy! Red tips with white hearts, and the other white tips with red hearts! There are many times where my clients see a set of nails and want the same ones so I try to change it up a bit! Perfect example 🙂



Wiiiild Love

5 Feb

A little bit of Valentines mixed in with some wild leopard print! I just did this set today and it was a lot of fun! The art is overtop of a set of gel nails with clear tips.

Wild Love

Some people like just getting clear tips instead of a colored tip, so they can just polish them or leave them natural looking. A lot of nurses get these nails for a clean natural look. The art can be changed whenever you feel and you can even change the polish over top of them at anytime on your own. This gives the illusion of your natural nails.

Clear Tips

Hearts, hearts and more hearts!

4 Feb

You know Valentines Day is coming up when you paint hearts all day long! This is actually one of my favorite sets. Surprisingly, it didn’t take that long to paint them all.

For my next set of Valentines nails I really want to paint candy hearts all over them with the little messages on them. Any takers? Message me on here or on Facebook to book an appointment!


“You can do whatever you want!”

27 Jan

Sometimes I get clients that say, “You can do whatever you want!” I love that, it gives me such freedom. I like when they give me a color scheme and let me run with it. When my clients let me do what I want I always seem to gravitate towards animal print, but this time I wanted to do something a little different.

On this client, she wanted a dark grey tip with silver designs on them. I did silver swirls on the tips and made it into little camouflage hearts. I had just put up Valentine’s decorations in the shop and kind of got in the mood for hearts! haha I like to personalize each clients nails so we added a little red gem to match the red she was going to put into her hair.

Valentines Day is coming!

24 Jan

Hearts, love, kisses and hugs. Valentines Day is coming soon. My first set of Valentines nails this year! Can’t wait for more. ❤ ❤ ❤