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Halloween Inspiration

17 Sep

Halloween is coming up! Here are some fun Halloween nails to get your ideas rolling!







5 Jul

My friend is going to a Vegas themed party so I painted little dice on her nails! I also tried out a nail piercing that I recently brought in! So fun!


Artsy Rooster Tail

19 Jun

Very cute story. My clients mom had passed away and she was telling me how her mom used to collect chickens and roosters. As a memorial I painted a roosters tail on her nail. She loved it and it made me feel so good to be a part of that! Sweetest lady ever!


Wedding Nails

15 Jun

Wedding nails for my friend Caitlin! Her colors are orange and purple so we incorporated that into her nails! Congratulations girl! ❤


Paw Prints

4 Jun

These nails are polished with gel color and I added little paw prints to represent her adorable rescue dog from Mexico, George. Very cute for animal lovers!


Jazz hands!

23 May

My client is going to a jazz night this weekend and wanted her nails to match her beautiful blue dress! So I came up with blue tips and for art a few music notes, a treble and bass clef. So much fun! I’ve been wanting to do music note nails for a long time and this was the perfect occasion!


Lime Girl Nails

3 May

These nails were fun! Not only did they match the colors of the Canucks it matched the company she works at called Lime Girl. She will be showing these nails off at the home show as well!