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The Importance of Cuticle Oil

30 Jan

It is important to care for your cuticles, as they are the barrier that protects your nail bed. Cuticle oil is designed to keep your cuticles soft and healthy, preventing ripping or tearing that can cause pain, damage to the nail, or even infection.

California Mango has a cuticle oil called Mango Magic Cuticle Oil. It is my favorite cuticle oil ever! I have used this brand for 5 years now and I wouldn’t change to anything else. I use it on every manicure, pedicure, and after every set of nails. It smells delicioussss.

How to use: Massage gently on your cuticles until it is absorbed. Apply daily or as needed. 🙂

I also sell it at the shop for $5 a bottle and I recommend it to everyone!

Mango Magic Cuticle Oil