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Notical Anchor Nails

15 May



Notical Nails!

18 Apr

This is one of my all time favorite sets of nails! Total summertime nails with anchors, bubbles, and an octopus! Love the color combo we chose too! Trying to expand my nail art 🙂



Anchor Toes

9 Jul

Very summery!



23 Mar

These are my Hedley inspired nails! It is my birthday tomorrow and I am going to their concert at Rogers Arena in Vancouver with my mom. She bought me the tickets. ❤ I am sooooo excited so I painted a little art that has to do with their new album "Storms." I painted an anchor with the letters H for Hedley and S for Storms. Can't wait to go!!


Anchor here to see some sweet nail art!

9 Feb

One of my client’s sister came in today and wanted these anchor nails! It was a lot of fun to paint. She plays guitar so she needs her nails short, so we painted her natural nails. It was her first time getting art done by me and I think she is going to book again! I love all the unique ideas all my clients come up with. Everyday is something new ❤

Anchor Nails