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Pastel Sparkles

13 Feb

Full color set of gel nails with pastel colors ❤


Anchor Toes

9 Jul

Very summery!


Unda Da Sea!

1 Jun

Early morning ombré nails! Reminded of us of the ocean and then the little mermaid as we kept singing under the sea!


Jazz hands!

23 May

My client is going to a jazz night this weekend and wanted her nails to match her beautiful blue dress! So I came up with blue tips and for art a few music notes, a treble and bass clef. So much fun! I’ve been wanting to do music note nails for a long time and this was the perfect occasion!


Summertime, and the livin’s easy

17 May

Summer time nails! Blue with yellow polka dots and silhouette palm trees! So much fun! She wanted summer nails so this is what we came up with together!


Lime Girl Nails

3 May

These nails were fun! Not only did they match the colors of the Canucks it matched the company she works at called Lime Girl. She will be showing these nails off at the home show as well!


Summer Toesies

3 May

Summer time is coming up soon! Only two months away. My client wanted to have her feet all purdy to bring on the nice weather! A nice pedicure always makes you feel like wearing flip flops! Come on sunshine!!