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Purple Explosion

13 Feb

I haven’t posted in a long time! It has been so busy, but I will get back on track again!

I love these purple nails, different on each nail. This one was a lot of fun to play with!


Skeleton Love

11 Oct

These are by far my favorite Halloween nails I’ve ever done! Nice job Carling for finding this design! ❤


Girly Skulls

28 Sep



Black, Purple, and Turquoise

25 Sep

A design I can up with hope you like!


Minty Delight

20 Sep

A very unique design my friend came up with tonight! Loving the colors together!


Purple and Silver

13 Jun

Purple sparkles with silver bows! I did these in a green sparkle for Christmas. Looks good with any sparkle!


Nude, Gold, and Black

8 May

These are some funky nails. Nude nails with sparkly gold middle fingers and black ring fingers with a bow made out of jewels! I love jeweled bows they are super cute!