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Abstract Brightness

18 Aug

Love this design and colors my friend Sam came up with! So different, I love it!


Wiiiild Love

5 Feb

A little bit of Valentines mixed in with some wild leopard print! I just did this set today and it was a lot of fun! The art is overtop of a set of gel nails with clear tips.

Wild Love

Some people like just getting clear tips instead of a colored tip, so they can just polish them or leave them natural looking. A lot of nurses get these nails for a clean natural look. The art can be changed whenever you feel and you can even change the polish over top of them at anytime on your own. This gives the illusion of your natural nails.

Clear Tips

Hearts, hearts and more hearts!

4 Feb

You know Valentines Day is coming up when you paint hearts all day long! This is actually one of my favorite sets. Surprisingly, it didn’t take that long to paint them all.

For my next set of Valentines nails I really want to paint candy hearts all over them with the little messages on them. Any takers? Message me on here or on Facebook to book an appointment!



29 Jan

These nails can be done in any color! We like to call them ombré nails. The thumb is a jet black and it fades on each nail until a very very light grey. I would love to try these in a pink or a blue!

My client “Ombré Honeypot” <—- (long story about the name) haha she came up with these nails and I was so excited to do them!


Newspaper Nails

26 Jan

This was a tough one. Newspaper print nails are supposed to be done on natural polished nails, but we just had to try it over gel nails…

Little did we know trying to press the newspaper print overtop of cured gel nails is a lot more challenging than pressing them over polish! It took me forever to get those on, but we finally got it after awhile. Lets just say no more newspaper print over GEL for awhile!

Newspaper Print Nails

How it’s Done: After all coats of polish are on your nails, let them completely dry. Cut out little pieces of newspaper articles and set aside. When they are dry, dip your finger into a little bowl of alcohol for 5 seconds. Then, pick up the newspaper clipping and press onto your nail making sure it covers the entire nail plate. Leave the newspaper pressed on your nail for 15 seconds and slowly peel off. Top coat and VOILA!

Animal Print Love

25 Jan

One of my favorite style of nail art is leopard print. Leopard can be done with any colour, I love doing them in neon colors! They can also be done in any variety of colors or just simply black over a sparkly tip like this picture.

Zebra print is another animal print I have an obsession with. It is everywhere at my desk. Pens, polish remover holder, even my business cards have it. Zebra print was the first picture I saw on google that really got me into doing more elaborate art.

Zebra Print

These nails I did were in the issue of November 2011 NAILS Magazine. I was so excited!

Valentines Day is coming!

24 Jan

Hearts, love, kisses and hugs. Valentines Day is coming soon. My first set of Valentines nails this year! Can’t wait for more. ❤ ❤ ❤