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Mexico Nails!

29 Jul

Nails I did on my mom for our Mexico trip! Bright colors and palm trees!


Here’s mine!


Abstract Line and Dots

20 Jun

Funky nail art. I like abstract kind of art too!


Purple and Silver

13 Jun

Purple sparkles with silver bows! I did these in a green sparkle for Christmas. Looks good with any sparkle!


Love Love Love I Want Your Love

12 Jun


Pretty in Pink

11 Jun

Sparkly gold ring fingers add a little flare for her 16th birthday nails!!


Unda Da Sea!

1 Jun

Early morning ombré nails! Reminded of us of the ocean and then the little mermaid as we kept singing under the sea!


Jazz hands!

23 May

My client is going to a jazz night this weekend and wanted her nails to match her beautiful blue dress! So I came up with blue tips and for art a few music notes, a treble and bass clef. So much fun! I’ve been wanting to do music note nails for a long time and this was the perfect occasion!


Playboy Bunnies

18 May

En Vogue Playboy bunnies!


Teal and Silver

3 May

These nails speak for themselves! Teal with some bling bling!


Wildddd Thang

30 Apr

A little on the wild side! Funky full color pink gel nails with a hand painted leopard print design that has come up many times on my blog! 😀