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I <3 NY

18 Apr

New York nails! My client is going on a trip to New York with her music class! So exciting!


Unique and Random

13 Feb

I love the randomness! Awesome design my client found so we changed it up a bit and added gold and silver sparkle!


Purple Explosion

13 Feb

I haven’t posted in a long time! It has been so busy, but I will get back on track again!

I love these purple nails, different on each nail. This one was a lot of fun to play with!


Glamorous Yellow Brick Road

12 Sep

Sparkle galore! These colors remind me of Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz! Haha love it!



23 Mar

These are my Hedley inspired nails! It is my birthday tomorrow and I am going to their concert at Rogers Arena in Vancouver with my mom. She bought me the tickets. ❤ I am sooooo excited so I painted a little art that has to do with their new album "Storms." I painted an anchor with the letters H for Hedley and S for Storms. Can't wait to go!!