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I <3 NY

18 Apr

New York nails! My client is going on a trip to New York with her music class! So exciting!



Anchor Toes

9 Jul

Very summery!


Ocean Treasures

6 Jul

Turquoise nails and a gold line! Reminds me of finding treasures under the sea. I don’t know, just trying to find a creative title! Haha


Pretty in Pink

11 Jun

Sparkly gold ring fingers add a little flare for her 16th birthday nails!!


Nude, Gold, and Black

8 May

These are some funky nails. Nude nails with sparkly gold middle fingers and black ring fingers with a bow made out of jewels! I love jeweled bows they are super cute!


Late Night Inspiration

17 Mar

Got inspiration on Google at 12am so I took my friend Jen to the shop and painted her nails for St. Patrick’s Day! Clover, pot of gold, rainbows, and leprechaun hat, it’s got all the typical Irish things. 🙂

This year I am really noticing more and more people wanting holiday nails and I love it!