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Puzzled Nails

26 Jun

Hand painted puzzle pieces on her nails. Very creative idea that she came up with. I love doing unique nail art


Summer Leopard

21 Jun

Summertime nail art! Leopard print on fingers and toes!


Abstract Line and Dots

20 Jun

Funky nail art. I like abstract kind of art too!


Lime Girl Nails

3 May

These nails were fun! Not only did they match the colors of the Canucks it matched the company she works at called Lime Girl. She will be showing these nails off at the home show as well!


Body by Vi

30 Apr

Body By Vi nails! Did her nails for the 90 day challenge! Find out more at http://www.visalus.com


Playoff time!

16 Apr

Go Canucks Go!! Playoff time! Gotta support our team!



16 Apr

Black tips with hand painted peacock feathers!


Blue, Green, and Silver

2 Apr

Blue, green, and a very very light blue on the ends. My client found this design and showed me it and I was down to do it! All the colors took awhile, but it was very fun to do. It’s a change from what I normally do, but I love it!


Late Night Inspiration

17 Mar

Got inspiration on Google at 12am so I took my friend Jen to the shop and painted her nails for St. Patrick’s Day! Clover, pot of gold, rainbows, and leprechaun hat, it’s got all the typical Irish things. 🙂

This year I am really noticing more and more people wanting holiday nails and I love it!




16 Mar

Sparkly green polish with a tiny little clover! Simple and cute for St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow!