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Wildddd Thang

30 Apr

A little on the wild side! Funky full color pink gel nails with a hand painted leopard print design that has come up many times on my blog! 😀



Pastel Nails

19 Mar

I love this set! I did different angles of the colored tips to add some funk to it. We chose pastel colors for Spring! On the ring fingers I painted leopard print spots. What a suprise! Haha This would also be nice for Easter!



Little Baby Raya

16 Mar

This is my beautiful niece Raya, holding onto my moms thumb that I had painted leopard spots on it. I thought this was such a cute picture!

I can hardly wait to paint my little niece’s nails. She is only 3 months old now, but I can’t wait to paint her little fingers and toes! She is the most beautiful little girl I have ever seen! ❤



My Fav

15 Mar

My fav ❤ always love to paint leopard print! These nails seem to be my most popular by far.

My birthday is coming up on March 24th and I am going to the Hedley concert so I am definitely doing Hedley themed nails for that day! As for my birthday party with friends I am having a tight and bright party and I am SO painting multi colored leopard print on my nails for that day! I will post a picture when I do!


Leopard, yet again!

6 Feb

YUP! Leopard again! I’ll never get sick of it! 🙂 Loving the long tips, so much more room for art!


Wiiiild Love

5 Feb

A little bit of Valentines mixed in with some wild leopard print! I just did this set today and it was a lot of fun! The art is overtop of a set of gel nails with clear tips.

Wild Love

Some people like just getting clear tips instead of a colored tip, so they can just polish them or leave them natural looking. A lot of nurses get these nails for a clean natural look. The art can be changed whenever you feel and you can even change the polish over top of them at anytime on your own. This gives the illusion of your natural nails.

Clear Tips

Animal Print Love

25 Jan

One of my favorite style of nail art is leopard print. Leopard can be done with any colour, I love doing them in neon colors! They can also be done in any variety of colors or just simply black over a sparkly tip like this picture.

Zebra print is another animal print I have an obsession with. It is everywhere at my desk. Pens, polish remover holder, even my business cards have it. Zebra print was the first picture I saw on google that really got me into doing more elaborate art.

Zebra Print

These nails I did were in the issue of November 2011 NAILS Magazine. I was so excited!