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Smaaaack 💋

7 Aug

Kisses! This is one if my favorite sets! I love love love painting kiss marks!


Summer Collection

16 Jul

This is my collection of Summer nails so far!!! I’m lovin all the art lately!!! ❤ Everyone is opening up to new ideas! Love it! Happy Summer everyone!!!





Nail Art Inspirations

31 Jan

I loveee painting nail art. My clients rarely just get plain nails anymore and I love it! My clients, friends, and family always inspire me!

For example:
The underwater nail was inspired by my friend Mel, who loves the ocean and everything inside of it. She is currently in Victoria studying marine biology.

Another one of my friends, Lisa, is slightly obsessed with cupcakes. She bakes them, makes cupcake earrings, and even has cupcake tattoos! Every time I see a cupcake she pops into my head. That’s where the cupcake nail came from.

The monster nail was actually inspired by my boyfriend Trevor, who literally drinks a monster energy drink everyday!

The lip print xoxo was inspired by my best friend Carly, who has a tattoo of my lips on her and I have her lips on me! One of my favorite tattoos I have.

The skull with the bow was inspired by my client who has become my friend, Sam. She has the cutest tattoo of a scull and bow and I painted it on her nails close to Halloween. She brings me a lot of new nail art ideas all the time and is always excited to try something different on her nails!

The Hawaiian flower was inspired by my mom Cathy. She went to Hawaii last year and I did her nails with pink flowers all over them.