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Summer Collection

16 Jul

This is my collection of Summer nails so far!!! I’m lovin all the art lately!!! ❤ Everyone is opening up to new ideas! Love it! Happy Summer everyone!!!






2 Aug

Loving the design my friend Sam came up with! Beautiful color and funky studs all over!


My Nail Station

3 Mar

This is my new nail station at work! I got to design this area and pick out all the furniture! I am in love with this section of Defiance. It was so fun to pick everything out. It makes doing nails even more fun now! ❤


Anchor here to see some sweet nail art!

9 Feb

One of my client’s sister came in today and wanted these anchor nails! It was a lot of fun to paint. She plays guitar so she needs her nails short, so we painted her natural nails. It was her first time getting art done by me and I think she is going to book again! I love all the unique ideas all my clients come up with. Everyday is something new ❤

Anchor Nails


7 Feb

I love painting bows! One of my favorite art to paint on nails. It has become more and more popular lately. There are many different types of bows to paint, here are a few pictures!

Pink Bows

Green Bows

Silver Bows


Animal Print Love

25 Jan

One of my favorite style of nail art is leopard print. Leopard can be done with any colour, I love doing them in neon colors! They can also be done in any variety of colors or just simply black over a sparkly tip like this picture.

Zebra print is another animal print I have an obsession with. It is everywhere at my desk. Pens, polish remover holder, even my business cards have it. Zebra print was the first picture I saw on google that really got me into doing more elaborate art.

Zebra Print

These nails I did were in the issue of November 2011 NAILS Magazine. I was so excited!