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Gel Toes

12 Sep

This is my very first set of gel toes. It was actually a lot easier than I thought, and so much fun to do! Makes the toenails look perfect if they are chipped or cut a little too short!



Barnyard Couture

18 Aug

This client of mine has a very cute daughter who loves to go to the barn and look after her horses. She asked if I could paint a horse on her toes and I was excited for the challenge! So here I did a silhouette of a horse. It was challenging for such a small area, but I like how it turned out!



Fishy Toes

2 Aug

My friend Mel is going on a fishing trip and what better to get on her toes than fish scales! So much fun, I love how her flip flops match!



Flip Flop Ready!

12 May

Gettin my toes all ready for flip flops! The nice weather is kickin’ in! Hot pink toes are my fav, especially with a little leopard!

Pedicure season is here!
$30 for a Bali Mango Pedicure at Defiance!


Summer Toesies

3 May

Summer time is coming up soon! Only two months away. My client wanted to have her feet all purdy to bring on the nice weather! A nice pedicure always makes you feel like wearing flip flops! Come on sunshine!!


Monarch Butterfly

7 Feb

The beautiful wing of a monarch butterfly inspired me for this nail art. Butterflies are so pretty and peaceful, it would be beautiful in any color!

Monarch Butterfly