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I <3 NY

18 Apr

New York nails! My client is going on a trip to New York with her music class! So exciting!


A Hint of Valentines

13 Feb

Black sparkle tips with a hint of red on the ring fingers!


Red Zebra

14 Jun

It was my first time doing a color fade on nails before. Lots of fun, but time consuming!



23 Mar

These are my Hedley inspired nails! It is my birthday tomorrow and I am going to their concert at Rogers Arena in Vancouver with my mom. She bought me the tickets. ❤ I am sooooo excited so I painted a little art that has to do with their new album "Storms." I painted an anchor with the letters H for Hedley and S for Storms. Can't wait to go!!



19 Mar

Pokemon inspired nails! One of friends/client wanted Pokemon nails and I was up for the challenge! It was a lot of fun and nerdy too 😉

I love to incorporate the things people love and put it on their nails, I am always up for a very unique set of nails and can’t wait to see what she wants in the next couple weeks!



Opposites Attract!

10 Feb

These two sets of nails are very Valentinesy! Red tips with white hearts, and the other white tips with red hearts! There are many times where my clients see a set of nails and want the same ones so I try to change it up a bit! Perfect example 🙂