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Lavender and Turqoise!

30 Jul

Half turqoise, half lavender with a line of silver sparkles. Soft colors for a summery look!


Studded Nails

9 Jul

First time putting studs on nails! So cool looking! I sense a new trend coming! Also, a silver nail piercing on the index finger!


Purple and Silver

13 Jun

Purple sparkles with silver bows! I did these in a green sparkle for Christmas. Looks good with any sparkle!



6 Jun

Love these colors together! Hand painted skulls on opposite colors!


Teal and Silver

3 May

These nails speak for themselves! Teal with some bling bling!


Blue, Green, and Silver

2 Apr

Blue, green, and a very very light blue on the ends. My client found this design and showed me it and I was down to do it! All the colors took awhile, but it was very fun to do. It’s a change from what I normally do, but I love it!



7 Feb

I love painting bows! One of my favorite art to paint on nails. It has become more and more popular lately. There are many different types of bows to paint, here are a few pictures!

Pink Bows

Green Bows

Silver Bows