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Summer Collection

16 Jul

This is my collection of Summer nails so far!!! I’m lovin all the art lately!!! ❤ Everyone is opening up to new ideas! Love it! Happy Summer everyone!!!





Summer Zebra

1 Aug

One of my favorite nails! Absolutely love this color with black zebra print!



2 Jul

Zebra Print ❤



Red Zebra

14 Jun

It was my first time doing a color fade on nails before. Lots of fun, but time consuming!



22 Mar

Zebra print and pink tips! The added jewels on the ring finger add a little pretty touch to them. As you all know I love animal print so this one was fun for me to do. It was a little challenging to get the zebra print on such a tiny area, but it turned out!


My Nail Station

3 Mar

This is my new nail station at work! I got to design this area and pick out all the furniture! I am in love with this section of Defiance. It was so fun to pick everything out. It makes doing nails even more fun now! ❤


Animal Print Love

25 Jan

One of my favorite style of nail art is leopard print. Leopard can be done with any colour, I love doing them in neon colors! They can also be done in any variety of colors or just simply black over a sparkly tip like this picture.

Zebra print is another animal print I have an obsession with. It is everywhere at my desk. Pens, polish remover holder, even my business cards have it. Zebra print was the first picture I saw on google that really got me into doing more elaborate art.

Zebra Print

These nails I did were in the issue of November 2011 NAILS Magazine. I was so excited!